Custom orthoses for lower extremities

Custom orthoses for the lower extremities

In the field of orthotics, there is a wide range of different medical aids to meet all diagnostic needs. From case to case, a decision must be made for a custom orthosis or a ready-made orthosis. Our staff on site will of course advise you in detail and individually.

In the following, we would like to offer you a closer look at some orthoses:

We would be happy to advise you on possible cost assumptions.

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State-of-the-art orthoses

Our know-how in the areas of biomechanics, anatomy and technology enables us to offer you optimal fitting options. We can look back on many years of experience and use the most modern materials and technologys (e.g. Pre-Preg-Carbon or the C-Brace orthosis) for our work. With Ottobock and Fior & Gentz, for example, we have two strong experienced reliable brand partners at our side to offer excellent support in the field of orthotics.

Customised foot orthoses

Foot orthoses and also ankle joint orthoses are often used in sports accidents. For a suitable fitting, these orthoses can be further categorised. Depending on the diagnosis and area of application, orthoses are used for:

  • Stabilisation
  • Mobilisation
  • Relief

Customised lower leg orthoses

Whole leg & lower leg orthoses are mainly used for complex restrictions, such as after accidents, strokes, paralysis or even craniocerebral trauma. In most cases, a stable gait pattern is no longer possible without an orthosis.

Our custom orthoses are made with the help of a scan or plaster cast. Our goal is to produce an orthosis that has a perfect fit, low weight, optimal stability and allows you maximum mobility.

Whole leg orthoses made to measure

The use of whole leg orthoses and lower leg orthoses improves the function of the injured or functionally impaired body parts. In addition, the anatomical joints are to be stabilised, relieved and sometimes immobilised. Orthoses have a corrective and guiding effect.

Did you know that? You are entitled to a waterproof alternating supply so that you are safe and mobile everywhere!

We will be happy to advise you and take care of your individual fitting. We also offer the aforementioned waterproof care in our house.

C-Brace orthoses

A highlight in orthosis care is the C-Brace from Otto Bock. This computer-controlled leg orthosis offers you a completely new feeling of freedom when walking and in everyday life. The new C-Brace orthosis supports you in the following situations:

  • running on a slope
  • walking on uneven ground
  • climbing stairs
  • sitting down and standing up

In addition, you can switch to cycling mode via app on your smartphone.

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