Ready-to-wear orthoses

A wide range of ready-to-wear orthoses

We can offer you ready-to-wear orthoses in our medical supply stores. These are needed and used after accidents and also after operations. They serve to gradually mobilise the joint to be treated.

We use industrially manufactured, high-quality products. We can offer you a wide range of different products for various body segments and support you in finding the right orthosis. Due to many years of cooperation with the leading brands, we are always up to date with new developments and improvements.

We would be happy to advise you on possible cost assumptions.

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We offer ready-to-wear orthoses for the following body segments

  • Arm
  • Knee
  • Trunk & Spine
  • Foot (positioning orthoses)

Fitting the ready-to-wear orthoses

These orthoses are often indispensable after injuries to the ankle and knee joints. However, ready-to-wear orthoses are not only used after injuries, but are also used preventively. This is particularly useful for skiers or motorcyclists.

A ready-made orthosis must always be fitted by a specialist. After precise instructions, users can then quickly put on the orthosis themselves. After an injury, it often happens that the orthoses have to be readjusted. Of course, we are at your side for this.

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