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Customised trunk orthoses

We offer custom-made trunk orthoses made of high-quality and lightweight materials. We manufacture fixation, stabilisation, support and correction trunk orthoses according to modern criteria.

Orthopädie-Technik Scharpenberg use various technologies and designs to produce individual orthoses that are also convincing in terms of their appearance.

Trunk orthoses are often used in the treatment of scoliosis or for the active correction of spinal column anomalies and after trauma. In addition, these orthoses are intended to support, bed and relieve.

We would be happy to advise you on possible cost assumptions.

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Our trunk orthosis highlight

A highlight is the trunk orthosis according to Rigo. Our orthopaedic technicians are specially trained in this area and can provide you with this corset technology. The Chêneau corset is a standard fitting when it comes to conservative therapy for scoliosis correction. Its use makes it possible to treat different curvature patterns in the corset.

This is how corset fitting works with us

We provide successful care in an interdisciplinary team with doctors, physiotherapists and our orthopaedic technicians.

  • Diagnosis by the doctor
  • Consultation with our orthopaedic technicians
  • Preparing a cost estimate and submitting it to the health insurance company for approval
  • Creation of the plaster cast
  • Design of the corset
  • Manufacture of the corset
  • Fitting
  • Control appointments
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