Head orthoses “Talee”

Gentle treatment of head deformities

Gentle treatment (for children aged between 4 and 12 months) is provided for head deformities such as a flat back of the head with the help of the custom-made head orthosis “Talee”.

Approximately 3% of all newborns suffer from a severe or very severe head deformity. Previous therapy helmets were heavy, unwieldy or not tolerated by babies. Invent Medical’s Talee therapy helmet, which we custom fit, is breathable and lightweight to increase the baby’s comfort.

For more information, visit the Talee website.

We would be happy to advise you on possible cost assumptions.

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3D scan and 3D print

Even more important and special is that we scan the head and no longer have to plaster it, which was tedious for the child. Scanning gives us the opportunity to visualise and document the success of the therapy by scanning it again.

Talee supply procedure

1st Scan: We scan the child’s head with our specially designed scanner within a few minutes.

2nd Post-processing of the scan: We rework the scan on the computer. The procedure is comparable to modelling on plaster, for example.

3rd Configuration, analysis and ordering: the scan is uploaded and analysed by the appropriate software. The contour of the helmet is modelled using special software and ordered from our partner.

4th 3D printing, fitting and therapy: Talee processes our configuration and 3D prints the helmet. The advantage of 3D printing is the individuality – perfectly adapted to the respective child. The delivery time is about 14 days – then the fitting and correction takes place and the therapy can begin.

Costs can be covered by your health insurance.

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