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For children, romping and playing is the most normal thing in the world. But what if they are unable to do so due to illness, accidents or deformities? These children and the whole family lose quality of life – our goal is to regain quality of life and mobility.

The care of children is particularly demanding because their bodies cannot be compared to that of an adult. Growth plays a major role in fitting, so treatment must be considered over a longer period of time.
The fitting of orthoses shows great therapeutic success when people and technology are combined wisely and with appropriate training.

We would be happy to advise you on possible cost assumptions.

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Why you should come to us

  • Customised craftsmanship, in our own workshop
  • Interdisciplinary team with doctors, physiotherapists and our orthopaedic technicians
  • Our staff is always up to date with the latest training
  • Cosy atmosphere, also for the little ones, e.g. with own play corner

We offer these orthoses for children

  • Foot orthoses
  • Spiral orthoses
  • Lower leg foot night bedding splint
  • Whole leg orthosis (also as night bedding splint)

Our orthotics department always uses new and forward-looking technologys and combines the traditional with the new. Be it prepreg technology or 3D printing – we manufacture according to your needs.

Furthermore, we can also make head orthoses for your child. These helmets are used if your child is born with cranial deformities or if the head develops asymmetrically. We have provided you with further information on this on the “Talee” head orthosis page.

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