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The Little Monster 3D printer by TEVO!

This printer is ideally suited for precise and fast production of polymer components and is therefore well suited for research. Due to the use of plastics (polymers), it is not suitable for the production of components that are exposed to very high mechanical stress.

It is possible to use different plastics with different mechanical characteristics. The respective plastic is stored as filament on rolls. The printing time depends on the size of the object and the selected printing speed, but a speed that is too high will cause inaccuracies.

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The 3D printing process

  • Construction of the component in a 3D program
  • Conversion of the file for the printer
  • Printing of the component
  • Possible revision of the component
  • Installation

The printing of a 3D orthosis

In this video you can see a time-lapse recording of a 3D print. A 3D orthosis is being printed here. The duration of printing always depends on the size of the component. 3D printing can take between 30 minutes and several days.

For this reason, we use more than one 3D printer in our company. This enables us to process more than one customer request at the same time.

Ralph and Karthrin Scharpenberg stand in front of a house wall and laugh at the camera

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