The advantages of a perfect insole

Back, hip or knee problems are often related to the feet. For this reason, it is most important that feet are perfectly bedded.

  • support
  • bedding
  • stabilize

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The dynamic foot pressure measurement

With dynamic foot pressure measurement, we are able to record foot pressure while walking. With our measuring insoles, we can also analyze the movement sequences between foot and shoe sole/insole (shoe size 37-45).

Here we can assess very precisely how and where the rolling process takes place and whether there is incorrect loading while walking. This enables us to make the correct insole for your gait pattern.

The foot pressure measurement system makes a significant contribution to quality control. Among other things, this system is very important for the supply of diabetic insoles.

How to get your insoles

You come to our branch and receive an individual measurement using a 2D scan and foot pressure measurement. If required, we can also carry out our gait analysis with you so that we can get an even better impression of your feet and find out which insoles are best for you.

We offer you the following insoles:

  • sports insoles
  • diabetic insoles
  • soft bedding insoles
  • Sensorimotor insoles
  • heel spur insoles
  • Insoles for children’s feet
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