Sports prostheses

Being active with the sports prosthesis

You are an amputee but want to remain active and do sports? We are happy to make that possible!

Especially with sports prostheses, durability and functionality are enormously important for the user – which is why we will find the right prosthesis for you individually!

We work closely with leading manufacturers and have fitted Paralympic participants and winners ourselves. So you are in the best hands with us.

We would be happy to advise you on possible cost assumptions.

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The Vanessa Low success story

The Paralympic Games are the highest sporting challenge for people with physical disabilities. We are all the more proud to have taken over the care of a Paralympic winner. You can read more about e.g. the success story of Vanessa Low.

Driven by top athletes

Sports prosthetics have developed rapidly in recent years. Nowadays, sports prostheses are made of high-quality metals and carbon fibres. In general, these materials have the advantage that they are particularly good at storing forces during active use. At the same time they can use these forces for forward movement. As little energy as possible should be lost in the process.

It is always one of the goals of athletes and developers to minimise energy loss through the targeted use of technology. In this way, every mobility can be increased more effectively in order to achieve the desired success.

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