Prepreg customised construction

Prepreg customised construction with Prepreg Carbon

Prepreg carbon is a material that originally originates from the automotive and aircraft construction industries. It is perfectly adaptable for orthopaedics because the physical properties are very good.

Prepreg carbon fibres are known for their low weight and high durability. This makes it possible to produce lightweight, yet functional orthoses with the greatest stability. Since the orthosis adapts to natural movements and at the same time offers support, they promise the customer the highest level of wearing comfort. This material is ideal for the production of customised orthoses.

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Advantages of prepreg customised construction

  • very light
  • high-strength components possible
  • optically very good surfaces

Prepreg orthoses

Due to their durability, the prepreg orthoses can be worn for a long time. For this reason, prepreg carbon orthoses are durable and thus maintain medical functionality. In addition, carbon fibres do not cause allergies, the patient is guaranteed maximum comfort of movement and, in addition, these orthoses are hardly visible under clothing. Maximum support is provided for the patient.

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