Success Stories

Positive stories from customers

With our success stories, we would like to show you that even with a medical aid like a prosthesis, you can continue your life without restrictions. From the smallest to the Paralympic athlete – our customers master everyday life, hobbies and sports!

For us, it is always the greatest reward when we are able to help improve a person’s mobility and quality of life.

The success stories of our customers

Nataliia Mandryk and two of our technicians pose in front of our headquarters in Rostock

Paralympics athlete Nataliia Mandryk

The 2020 Paralympic silver medallist in wheelchair fencing Nataliia Mandryk visited us. During her visit, we took plaster casts of her legs and then sat down for a coffee.

A family consisting of a man, woman and child standing in a doorway

The Romera family

A visit from the south. The Romera family regularly comes to us from Kempten and has prostheses fitted here!Maria Romera had to have her left forearm amputated just 3 weeks […]

Our former apprentice Paul Schmitt

Our former apprentice Paul Schmitt

At the age of 20, Paul Schmidt developed bone cancer in his right leg. He initially received a tumour endoprosthesis, but it became inflamed. This led to an amputation in […]

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