The Romera family

A family consisting of a man, woman and child standing in a doorway

A visit from the south.

The Romera family regularly comes to us from Kempten and has prostheses fitted here!
Maria Romera had to have her left forearm amputated just 3 weeks after her birth – the reason was an embolism. Her husband Manfred Romera had to have his right leg amputated up to the thigh after a motorbike accident.
Manfred Romera has known our master orthopaedic surgeon since 1998, and it was a shock at first when he moved from the south of Germany to Rostock due to professional challenges. Despite the great distance, he followed his orthopaedic master. In the meantime, his wife Maria is also fitted with an arm prosthesis by us.

Manfred Romera currently wears the Genium knee joint from Otto Bock and was fitted with the 3WR95 bath prosthesis, also from Otto Bock. He even rides a bicycle with his bathing prosthesis; without his prosthesis, he skis on crutches.

Their little daughter also comes along for the visits and always feels at home here!

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