2. Ostsee-Meeting for people with a handicap

After the sucess of our first “Ostsee-Meeting” we want to organize the “2. Ostsee-Meeting” this year.

Last year people with a prosthesis were invited, but this year we want to invitve people with a prosthesis, orthosis and these who need a wheelchair. This year it is from the 31.05-01.06. here in Rostock. We planed a lot of different things – but stay tuned! We will give you all imporant information here on our homepage.

What we already can tell you is, that Otto Bock, Össur and ambiotex are coming. You can test different prosthesis from the companies – normal ones and even waterproof ones. The company ambiotex has develooped a really smart t-shirt for athletes.

You want to take part? Than it would be great if you write us a message.

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